The dutch Company DECOSPAN was founded in 1978 and in 30 years became the European leader on the market of manufacturers and providers of wood based products. The ultimate technology enable that mass production to keep an benefic balance between industry and natural environement. The fabrication of the veneers using the materials is continuously optimized.

         Interfinish Romania offers to his clients an selected and extravagant DECOSPAN product: Maestro Shinnoki. The terminology of the Shinnoki term comes from japaneese language and means natural décor with big effect in interior design. It represents an life style, reflecting a natural ambiance with an special warm.

        Maestro Shinnoki panels are created both for wall and ceiling covering . Their installation and maintanace is easy. Visual quality is offered through the veneer joints obtained from different species of woods, using an last minute technology.

        All panels are ready finished and it is not necessary any further intervention.

        Intimicy, passion and inspiration are given by the warm nuances . The decors realized with Maestro Shinnoki products offers an warm atmosphere in our daily turmoil.

        Decospan natural veneers are available in more than 150 nuances and wood species.

        MDF is the standard base of the panels on which is applied Shinnoki veneer and it has standard thickness of 19 mm and panel’s dimensions of 1220 x 2440mm.

        At our clients special requiest, veneer base can have various thickness and can be fire protected A1 class.



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