For an affirmative answer to client’s requirements, the partition walls Interfinish contain , excepting glass or metal doors, wood doors with higher quality, normal or fire resistant.

        Both Beerkvens and Pinum wooden doors give an particular elegance, and the lines of their design represent the products with traditional shapes covered with natural veneer, HPL and CPL melamine and painted in different RAL Colours.

        The colours vary from Honey tones up to dark walnut colour , which gives to interiors an naturalness impression. The oak nuances are giving stability and balance to every ambience style. Using simple and elegant joints of materials and superior quality finishes, wooden doors are keeping alive the classic style so highly appreciated in our times. This style accomplish to those clients who do not give up/ abandon the tradition, but who are opened to the evolutions in technological and production domain.

        The adapted wooden doors, with perfect finishes, detail themselves by their realizing quality. The wood’s natural impression is accentuate by the ribs with wide layout contrasting which accentuate the textures and veneer nuances.

        Pinum Intro line, used mainly in the insertions of Interfinish partitions, make the final business users not to give up to the quality in favour of low prices.

        The wooden doors from Pinum series can be ordered with many options for opening system: normal, sliding on wall or sliding outside the wall.

        At client’s request, the wooden door models can contain frames which can have linings and window sills telescopic with dimension of 6 cm. The frames have right form and contain stratified structure made of laminated wood structure and wood material . They are finished with melamined material. The wooden doors have an wooden frame structure , wich closes the comb filling and which integrates the resistance structure for melamined panels.



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