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        Palace’s unique feature is given by the extended range of available finishes, also by the wide range of heights according with which the walls can be designed, up to maximum 15 meters.

        Parthos Palace removable walls system will make possible to multiply space’s functions , having in this way , in a short time , bigger halls in smaller units.

        The main characteristics of Palace System are given by the wide palette of finishes which can be applied on the walls, and if it is specified, they can accomplish clients requirements regarding sound insolation up to 57dB also fire ressistance up to 60 minutes.

        The internal mechanism is scissors type which actions an set of superior and inferior gaskets, in this way being provided technical solutions for installing and functioning without inferior sliding rail , the walls being just suspended. In closing moment, the wall became extremely solid, through the joint system type nut – feder between wall foils, also through expandable fixing gaskets.

        The Palace contains simple or double passing doors to facilitate the communication between separate spaces.

        The operation system is extremely easy , being realized using a key , and side parking of the panels can be realized however the client requires.


The technical specification which contains full system’s specifications can be found here, section Information / Download Brochures / Palace technical data 2009