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        President series of removable walls give an special elegance, offering plenty of practical options in ergonomice partition of interior space, clarity and transparency being prioritaire.

        President Series se is made for an wide applications : in stores, hotels , coffee- houses and restaurants , also gouvernmental buildings, banks and insurance institutes , etc, creating in the same time the sensation of intimity also wide interior space, all these due to transparency characteristics. Your space will not miss the natural light, but for an deeper intimity, the glass walls can be sandblasted, engraved (gravati) or serigrafiati.

        Your company’s logo, texts or full models can be applied on the glass.

        According with the design requirements, there can be made selections of straight , curved or segmental panels.

        Due to slim profile of the removable wall pannels, their parking does not need an big storage space in opened position. These pannels contain an ingenios system for automatically block, in this way their easy mobility and the noiseless characterisctics are on designer’s first plan.

        The Parthos President walls can have maximum height of 3.5 meters and they are built with an wide range of colours. Calele de inalta calitate also the carucior system guarantees an durable construction . Their ingenios design eliminate drilling both the glass in installing process and vertical aluminium studs, in order for President wall to show and fluent and untrerrupted design.



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